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Blind Runner Completes the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon

Richard Malosi Monisi

Ran his 10th Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon this year. He did a fabulous time of 4.45 and earned himself The Sainsbury Medal once again.
He now has his permanent Blue Number.
Richard has completed 10 Comrades Marathons and will be running in his Green number this year, 2015.

Who is Richard?

Richard was born in Louis Trichardt 04/01/1969
He was born blind with cataracts
When he was 10 he had an eye operation and was given 5% sight in his left eye
He started his schooling late at Philadelphia school for the blind in Pretoria and went up to Matric year but didn’t manage to pass Matric. He had to leave school then because of his age.
He has 5 siblings and both his parents are still alive. He goes back to Louis Trichardt to see his family at Christmas time.
He has a son of 9 that is at boarding school. He sees him once a month.
He worked as a switchboard operator at Success college and at SERVICES FOR THE BLIND in Industria in JHB . He was with SFTB for 11 years.
They packed our Goodie bags for Bonitas C2C, Discovery 702 Walk The Talk, Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge, Oprah Goodie bag.
But sadly Services For The Blind has closed their doors.

Richard does get a disability grant, but would love to work again. In his words “I would to have more to look forward to everyday”

How he started running.

The late Gerald Fox a well know runner from Rocky Road Runners who sadly passed away came up to Richard in a mall and offered to train him. He was training various other blind runners at the time.
Richard is hugely grateful to Gerald as it has given him the opportunity to meet new people, exercise, travel and boost his moral.
Richard’s passion would be to teach young disabled people that it is possible to exercise and join in mainstream events.
Gerald would fetch him and train him at the grounds.
Richard now lives close to the grounds and trains at 4 o’clock in the morning 3 times a week on his own with his white stick, for 2 hours.

Richard is a very courageous and committed man.
In 2013 he was hoping to do Comrades in 8 hours. His pilot Florence had to bail 16k’s out of Durban.
Richard hauled out his white stick and ran the rest of Comrades Marathon on his own in just under 10 hours.

He still has a very simple diet of pap, bread and butter.
I introduced him to Hammer gels before Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon and he said they made a huge difference.
His favorite running shoes are Adidas and he is now running in Rocket Compression gear.
Adidas very kindly give him new running shoes every year. Falke supply him with the latest in running socks.

His big wish in life is to run the New York Marathon…or London or Boston.

Monica Childs Marketing sponsor him as much as we can. But we are always on the lookout for other sponsors for him. If you would like to Sponsor Richard Malosi, please get in touch with Monica at Goodiebag

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