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Deep Heat

Warm pain Away

Thermotherapy or heat therapy increases blood ow which supplies oxygen and nutrients to reduce pain in joints and to relax sore muscles. Heat can also be used to decrease muscle spasm and alleviate pain. Applying heat to an aected area will help tight and sore muscles relax. Heat is generally recommended for chronic aches and pains. Problems like a sti neck or a sore back respond well to heat. If the problem gets worse, or does not show signicant improvement, consult a doctor or physiotherapist.

Cool Pain Away

Cryotherapy or cold therapy decreases blood ow to the site of injury thereby reducing pain. Cold therapy reduces swelling by constricting the blood vessels. This limits the amount of uid that pools around the injury which, in turn, minimises swelling and/or bruising. Cold therapy can also reduce pain by helping to numb nerve endings thereby decreasing pain messages being sent to the brain. Cold therapy should be used for 24 48 hours post injury and forms an important part of RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) which is indicated in the treatment of acute injuries.

Deep Heat® Rub. Each 100g contains: 12.8g Methyl Salicylate & 5.91g Menthol. Registration number G2268 (Act 101 of 1965). Deep Freeze® Cold Gel. Each 35g gel contains: 0.7g of Menthol. Marketed under licence from Mentholatum South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Unit G1,Westlake Square, 1 Westlake drive, Tokai, 7945. www.mentholatum.co.za

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