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We know product placement is a common technique to create more exposure for brands by placing them within view of the consumer. But there is no guarantee that these brands are being seen or tried out at the right time, in the right place and by the right target audience.

Tryvertising is a more effective means to market your brand because it directly targets the end users, essentially taking product placement to the real world, integrating products into the daily lives of the consumer so they can make up their own minds based on their actual experience with these products.

The GoodieBag provides an ideal low cost vehicle for placing product samples and promotional material directly into the hands of a captive and highly targeted consumer. Latest statistics reveal a 350,000 consumer base with all our events.

Richard Monisi passes away after hit-and-run accident

We are deeply saddened by the tragic passing of Richard Monisi. He was an inspiration to the running community and to all who knew him.  He leaves behind his wife and 2 sons for whom we are raising funds.  If you would like to assist in contributing towards easing the financial pressure for his family.

Please click here to donate.

Enhanced Brand Benefits in Goodie Bag sampling.

Sampling in relevant environments like sporting events where the consumer has an affinity towards the product is important to a campaign’s success. Sampling is an effective marketing tool since the consumer’s association and affinity to the product can be controlled through the relevance of the environment. For example, when a cyclist or runner is provided with a specific sample in the goodie bag, they are much more likely to test the product due to the relevance and timing of its distribution.

Increased opportunity of a “halo effect”

Another sampling benefit to the brand is the increased opportunity of a “halo effect”. A “halo effect” is where the perceived positive features of a particular item extend to a broader brand. Sampling increases the likelihood of a “halo effect” due to its ability to have the consumer test the product, increasing the awareness of the brand and the brand’s other available products. Once the consumer is able to identify the brand’s name, as well as create an affinity to the brand, they are more likely to test out other products of the same brand.

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